Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Winsome- Almost...!

The Yankee 30, Winsome, is getting closer and closer to being launch ready. The diesel runs. the water systems work. The toilet flushes and the holding tank is secure. Some pictures from the "in-progress" phases follow.

The holding tank set up

The holding tank set up

pressure water pump from forward FW tank to head. This was underwater for a year or so and runs!

Wiring in the port run, many rusted terminals. But... electrics seem to work.

Old foot pump and new. Crazy aluminum L construction holds the pump to the bulkhead. Boy, was that a bear to wrestle off.

Winsome is beautiful.
And she sails like a dream.

Proof the FW pump works to forward head.

After the aluminum contraption with foot pump was removed.

Newly refurbished forward hatch installed. Replaced one side of teak, vent, and all the fastenings.

Forward hatch, again.

Inside of forward hatch. Note rain drops. It has rained since Columbus Day 2016 except when it snowed. No worried, leaks, if any, are revealed.

The SeaLand Tank Master holding tank monitor assembly. This thing doesn't screw together in any way that resembles "normal." Seems tight now.

The hatch board were in a very distressed state and Elizabeth recovered their beauty.

Hatch boards again.

Galley FW pumping... pumping... pumping

Galley FW flowing. The faucet leaks at the base.

Monday, May 15, 2017


We had a lot of lousy weather and spent some of it indoors cleaning, bleaching, varnishing the teak hatch boards. Very satisfying.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Winsome Work: Yankee 30-Cleaning

A couple hours on the boat today May 9. Cleaned out the cockpit lockers. They were a mess of life jacket foam and leaves. Got to work on cleaning the galley, starboard side. Clean water in, dirty water out. Vacuumed the bilge dry and switched auto bilge pump off. We doubt the yacht will sink at its current berth! Removed most of the genoa from the headstay furler. The exterior of the sail was rotted and shredded. The entire thing must come off and a sail from inventory will be installed.

Awaiting DieselSmith guy to show up and commission engine.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Winsome Work- Forward Hatch and Cleaning

Work continues. We have had a lot of wet weather. Cleaned the forward cabin which was not too bad. We use vinegar and water with a micro fiber cloth. The grime, mostly just mildew, and comes up quickly. Investigated the holding tank. It is almost full and the inspection port does not fit properly. Removed the forward hatch and took it to the "shop" at home. (Our garage, now set up for boat works) Will rebuild the hatch where it is broken at a corner. Pictures to follow.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Winsome Work

Winsome is a 1971 Yankee 30 located in Chatham. We are providing the owner with local support and clean up in preparation for his cruise to Maine. Earlier posts show pictures of the as purchased state. We are getting to the "clean up in progress" state. Some current pictures, Sunday, April 30th:

Clean, folded and bagged in the garage. 
Cushions in loft, some lines and PFDs drying outdoors in the sun and yet to be brought in.

Cushions drying

Refinishing the hatch boards and tiller

Sail cover, cockpit dodger, fwd hatch awning

150% headsail scrubbed and dried

The old cross-cut kite

Misc bits and a nylon reacher

Old Mainsail and 130% jib which got scrubbed and dried

Detail of 130 "before"

The Holding Tank.  Cap seems loose. Tank is almost full.

Winsome in an earlier location

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vega Refit:Oops! It is a Cal 30 Mark 1

I thought this was a Vega based on the shape of the keel and stern. Took a look on board and found otherwise. The Cal 30 is rare on this coast. It is a well regarded boat on the other coast and was considered a rocket in her day. Probably worth a resttoration project.

Been looking at this boat for a few years. Refit? We had fun building the skerry and refitting the Aphrodite 101. Maybe we need another projects? Maybe this will keep me off the streets...

Albin Vega 27
and so on.