Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boat vs House: Library

Working away on the house, land yacht as I call it and got to thinking about our library.  Specifically, I was thinking about why live ashore and what to do to make that as pleasant as possible.  My thoughts turned to our library, my easy chair, the table that holds the glass from which I refresh myself and how those things aren't on the boat.  Not just not on Averisera but not really part of any regular cruising boat.  At least not a library with maybe a thousand books.

Thinking back to St Maarten and my Caribbean years.  There were book swaps at Shrimpies or Business Point: they were fun and just not the same as your very own library.

The house is getting more library attention.  Maybe I will even get a library card to the town library.

Friday, September 5, 2014


 Correspondent Kelly Girl Waterhouse describes it pretty well in her blog:


On board, it is hard to have guests.  Ashore guests are simple to accommodate.  This summer we have had almost 60 days of guests.  most of those days were either in our house or my mother in law's house.  She lives nearby.  Life on board is hardly devoid of guests or friends, we just interact with them so very differently.