Thursday, August 7, 2014

House vs Boat, Scope and Scale

As noted earlier, everything one can want for completing a house repair is readily available and competitively priced, many tradespeople are available for hire.  Not so with a boat.  Fortunately, once a boat is in fairly good shape, it is easy to keep it so.  This has to do with the scope of each job.  I can prepare my 32 footer for a winter of voyaging for a few thousand dollars and keep it going, with just me aboard, at about ten bucks a day.

The scale of every job at the house is big, big as in super yacht big.  Granted it is at a fraction of the real cost of a superyacht.  Within each job come a thousand decisions that change the scope of each project from simple to complex.  House is always being redesigned on the fly.  Boat is designed by the naval architect and that's pretty much it.

More to follow.