Monday, November 16, 2015

Voyaging the House: Thetis

The top image is of the family home, Thetis.  We lived aboard from 1961 through 1963 and made three ICW trips and sailed the Bahamas and South Florida.  The bottom image is the sloop I skippered and lived aboard in the Caribbean during the 2004-2005 sailing season.  The family home was way more comfortable.  The lower image was way more fun to sail.  Choices about the perfect boat all really hinge on purpose, same with houses ashore.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Voyage the house: reading lists

Been reading some books about cruising.  The type where the clueless couple buy a sailboat and go sailing.  There are not any books about clueless person buys house and lives in it.  I suppose there are some and I just haven't found them.  Corresponding with one of the writers, he said, "If you really want to go you make it happen."  I suppose that sums it all up house or boat.

Ya gotta wanna do it.  Re-lay stone walkway so it drains better, bed down vegetable beds with sea grass from Pleasant Bay, and chip up dead fall.  Voyage the house.