Friday, February 14, 2014

Advanced Coastal Cruising, ASA 106

The American Sailing Association has a number of "standards" for sailing students to achieve.  The 106 standard is one of the higher ones.  Norm has taught to that standard for many years and is an ASA 206 Instructor Evaluator.  I will be adding lecture notes and drawings to this blog labeled as:  ASA 106, topic x.

A New Project

A result of teaching sailng for many years is that I get emails asking for technical advice regarding sailing.  I enjoy answering those requests.  This blog is an effort to collect the material in one place.  Let's see what happens.

How about that?  Inserting a picture worked as planned.  This is an out of focus one of me paddling out to the boat.  Thanks, Elizabeth.

Our boat is AVERISERA, Aphrodite 101 built in 1984 by Bianca Yachts of Denmark.