Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Restore or Destroy?

A Yankee 30, abandoned in a boatyard, still restorable and a fine example of a good small voyager.  Is it worth the effort to restore or should it go into a dumpster?

Note:  AppliedSailing is not representing the boat for sale.  I work for the boatyard that has title to this yacht. I'm the only sailor at a boatyard full of fishermen and families. The vessel is appropriate because it has several key features starting with a skeg protected rudder and ending with a good designer and builder pedigree.

The boat is a 1971 Yankee 30.  More detailed information is available on line at www.sailboatdata.com

To compare a Yankee 30 to many other types of sailing yachts go to:  http://www.tomdove.com/sailcalc/sailcalc.html

The designer's blog is here:  http://sparkmanstephens.blogspot.com/2011/05/yankee-30-design-1999.html

Those are up-to-date clutches and winches. The traveler looks new.

The galley is perfect for a cruising couple. It runs across the back of the salon, sink and icebox on one side, stove and pantry on the other. There is no quarterberth.

Messy but not dysfunctional. This is the sink and icebox side.

Starboard side on deck. There is a cockpit dodger frame. Don't know about canvas.

Cockpit view, full of leaves. Can be removed easily. I love tiller steering and two deep cockpit lockers for sails, fenders, lines, etc. Radar has been vandalized for innards.

View of the stove side from the hatch. Inside is pretty nice. Needs to be cleaned up.

Hull #29 of S&S Design 1999

Awlgrip is in pretty good shape. There are a few scratches, but mostly it looks good.

Still shiny.

The bottom looks like it was stripped and repainted. Looks pretty smooth.

Nice lines. In 1970, this is what a good ocean boat looked like.

Disregard the torn shrink wrap. 

Get a leaf blower or a shop vac. Teak needs some love. Luckily it has been oiled, not varnished. Can be restored to its former glory pretty handily.

Keel stepped mast, enclosed by head bulkheads below. If mast partners leak, they would leak into the head, not the salon! Nice. Teak collar needs work or replacement.

Forward hatch, plexiglass cracked. Not expensive to replace. Might be nice to get something pretty.

Engine box is on the salon table. Disregard. Salon has dinette to port, settee to starboard. Engine is on centerline behind the mast, which is a really nice feature. Weight is where it belongs.

Messy starboard side of salon. Nice woodwork!

Salon floor is the part that looks icky. Throw out that carpet! Clean it up.

Nanni diesel. Nice! New! Worth a lot!

V-berth forward.

Head. Spacious for a 30 footer.

Hanging locker across from head.

First order of business is to clean the boat. You can see that it has good bones. This was built before the oil embargo, which imputes that the fiberglass will be heavy duty. A solid cruiser.