Monday, June 30, 2014

New Idea for Blog

Very briefly:  we have moved from Boston where I worked in the sailing industry to Cape Cod where we have bought a house in the woods and sort of retired.
Not my first choice for retirement housing.  I was thinking cheap condo and a 35 footer with sea legs.  Anyway.  it is an opportunity to compare and contrast the differences between the land based life and the sea based life.

First up:  Cost.  Lots more on this later.  In general, houses are expensive and a lot of work.  Just like boats.  Houses don't take you anywhere.  See the blog of my web-friends:  the Waterhouse couple at  We are doing a similar set of jobs at the same time on our house.  They will sail away.  Our house will not.  I bet we are spending way, way more.

More to follow....

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