Thursday, December 24, 2015

Retire and Go Sailing- The Boat

The perfect house?  The perfect boat?

As a result of reading a lot of blogs and forums about "the perfect boat" I did some thinking in an effort to reduce the answer to something simple and straightforward.  Here's what I came up with and two images that demonstrate the point.

A lot of time is spent at anchor so that should be comfortable.  Some hull shapes are quieter than others.  Pick a comfortable shape where the transom overhang does not slap the water.  The images of two models of C&C 38s follows.  The older model has a nicely sloping counter the newer one has a flat counter that slams hard in even the gentlest chop.  I have sailed both types and like them both.

A jarring "slap" with each passing wake or chop makes sitting in the cockpit or sleeping forward unpleasant.  Since half your day is either lounging in the cockpit or sleeping, the slapping issue is very important.  The rest is really about taste.
A superb resource for sail boat details and drawings is

A reference for boat relative speed, another article for later, is

This shape rides gently at anchor and under sail

Four cruisers rafted with a racer

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