Saturday, April 23, 2016

Retire and Go Sailing-- Cultures

Courtesy Flags and Local Culture

The grandkids were over for a few days.  They always love to get out some of my old courtesy flags from my Caribbean days and rig them in the trees.  They also love to hear about the islands and the way people live in those places.  It reminds me of how the yachties represent their culture interacting with another.  It can go really well.  The courtesy flag indicates, "We respect your culture."

One of the things I have done to get a quick look at local culture is buy my courtesy flags at a local mart.  Aside from the fact they are less expensive than at the chandlery, I get to meet some locals while showing respect for their country.  They share back useful "secrets" in return.  I get away from the cruising world and step into the local's world... a bit.  The Customs and immigration folks have always been more than delighted to direct me to a local store selling national flags.

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