Sunday, April 30, 2017

Winsome Work

Winsome is a 1971 Yankee 30 located in Chatham. We are providing the owner with local support and clean up in preparation for his cruise to Maine. Earlier posts show pictures of the as purchased state. We are getting to the "clean up in progress" state. Some current pictures, Sunday, April 30th:

Clean, folded and bagged in the garage. 
Cushions in loft, some lines and PFDs drying outdoors in the sun and yet to be brought in.

Cushions drying

Refinishing the hatch boards and tiller

Sail cover, cockpit dodger, fwd hatch awning

150% headsail scrubbed and dried

The old cross-cut kite

Misc bits and a nylon reacher

Old Mainsail and 130% jib which got scrubbed and dried

Detail of 130 "before"

The Holding Tank.  Cap seems loose. Tank is almost full.

Winsome in an earlier location

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