Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pro-Tip: Don't overdo it!

August 2015:  Just another boat bottom.  What's the story?  Stripping paint from a sailboat bottom is a hard job.  By comparison, at the new house, a lot of landscaping and hardscaping is required.  Pulling weeds, spreading gravel, building lawns, and laying flagstone patios is harder.

Doing most of the work by hand resulted in some debilitating injury to a 65 year old body in what I had thought was in pretty fair condition.  Pro-Tip:  Power Tools.  Slow Pace.  Low impact.

Some years ago, I started this blog with the thought that it would continue on line the sailing instruction work I had done and loved for so many years.  I had moved ashore reluctantly.  I find it is now an "interesting-to-me" way to track a comparison of life on the hard with live on the sea.  No kidding, hard is hard.

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