Friday, September 4, 2015

Compare and Contrast

One of the interesting things about boat yards is "compare and contrast."  Here are two images of boats about the same size and design era, a Seafarer 34 designed by McCurdy and Rhodes in 1974 and my Aphrodite 101 designed by Elvstrom and Kjaerulf in 1977.  They were designed for similar purposes, racer/cruisers.  The design style of the Seafarer represents the shape of boats typically considered "good sea boats," and they are.  The Aphrodite is a bit more radical.  Its shape follows the design innovations of the US West Coast Cal 40 and later the Peterson 34.  The Aphrodite is a Danish design, modern even today.  The Seafarer is pure US East Coast.  The style is still favored in that area.  Go anywhere in the world and one will view the two types (and many others, as well) activly being sailed.

Geographic regions usually have a home/house design-style, or a few typical styles.  They seldom transplant well.  A California modern house is out of place on Cape Cod as is the reverse.  Boats, on the other hand, travel pretty well and are often transplanted.  That's their purpose.  At a boat yard one gets to see what many designers and owners consider the best interpretation of a suitable yacht.  Drive around an area and one doesn't see nearly the variety in home design.  And, once built, the home seldom moves.

Another thing about house vs boat.

Check out this blog.  The writer owned a Seafarer and writes about voyaging it.  Also writes about life aboard, house vs boat.

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