Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Voyaging the House-Boats and Costs

This web site has a good summary of the cost of preparing to cruise and cruising.  The yacht Sundowner is a Westsail 32, 19,000 lbs displacement.  By comparison, the Aphrodite 101, also 32 feet long, is 7,000 lbs displacement.

This site is well organized.  http://sundownersailsagain.com/costs/  Sail on Sundowner!

Inspires one to wonder just how to accomplish a voyage aboard a much smaller boat.  All of the earliest voyaging yachts were pretty small.  Captain and Mrs Crapo sailed TransAtlantic on a 20 foot whaleboat, "Centennial" Johnson on a 20 foot dory, and then the Rob Roy story of a 20 foot yawl.  Tillicum, a log canoe sailed by the Venturesome Captain Voss went around the world in a 38 footer that was pretty narrow.  Slocum's Spray was 38 feet.

In the modern era we have small boats sailed by Lin and Larry Pardy, Patrick Ellam and Colin Mudie, Shane Acton, Chay Blythe, and John Guzzwell, to name only a few.

Interesting voyages are made on small boats.

Averisera, idle on Cape Cod

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