Monday, January 11, 2016

Voyaging the House-Stormy Weather

It blew like stink for a few days and I never once had to get up and check the dock lines or anchors.
Breakwater at Sesuit Harbor on the north shore of Cape Cod in the Town of Dennis.

Back in the Rumor days, we entered St Martin's Simpson Bay Lagoon and motored over to an anchorage between Grand Islet and Witches' Tit.  It was going to blow and I wanted as quiet a place as possible.  We set two anchors much to the complaining of my crew.  That night it blew and boats all around us dragged.  My crew, young son Andrew, said, "Good move dad with two anchors."

Today, the after-storm work is to pick up some deadfall around the property and go back to work on the house.  

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