Thursday, March 24, 2016

Retire and Go Sailing-Henry Holt's Book-New or Used?

New Boat versus Used Boat

Finished the book by Henry Holt of his cruise around the world.  I liked it.  The story starts out sort of sad and ends joyfully.  His wife and he split up at the beginning.  By the end he finds a new love and marries her.  I hope everyone is happy.

However:  the most interesting part for this writer is the new Island Packet 350 he uses for his adventure.  I have sailed an IP 350 and they are nice boats... not for me, certainly for many sailors they are just the ticket.  As he revealed his cruise I compared it to a similar cruise made by my friend Tim on Slick.  Tim used an aged Beneteau First 37 that he refitted.  At about the same place in the round the world cruise, 2/3 of the way around, both boats called out for a refit.  Hmmm...  Just a fact of life not about new or old at the start.  I know how Tim sails and he is a gentle sailor.  I can't comment on Henry's ability in any way.  He didn't seem reckless.  Links follow:

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