Thursday, March 24, 2016

Retire and Go Sailing-The young can do It, Too!

Read a lot of books on the subject of "we went for a cruise and wrote all about it."  Most are really fun to read.  There is an amusing difference between the ways men and women record the voyage.  Two authors worth following are:  Annie Dike and Jackie Parry.  I doubt they have met.  When they do, I'd love to be a fly on the wall to follow their conversation.

Sometimes young folks sort of drop out to go sailing.  I don't like to say "drop out" but it is in the contemporary vernacular.  For example, my mom and dad were both born in 1926.  They married at the end of the war and started a family, blah, blah, and then... bought a boat, sold the house, packed four kids and the dog on board to take off for two years in the Bahamas, Florida Keys and the US East Coast/ICW... in 1960.  They were 34.  Thanks mom and dad!  I skipped 6th and 7th grade.  Wow.

My mission someday when I am old is to scan in the Thetis pictures and tell the story.  Meanwhile Annie and Jackie and their spouses are having the time of their lives "taking off."  So much better an expression than dropping out.

Annie Dike and Philip on Plaintif's Rest

Jackie and Noel on ....?

A superb survey of men and women about cruising by Deb Cantrell:

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